Come Sell Without Money

I“Why are people unemployed?” Craig Bruce asked. “Because there is no work,” he answered. ” Why is there no work?”, he continued. “Because people are not buying products and services. Why are people not buying products and services? Because they have no money. Why do people have no money? Because they are unemployed.”

One of the setbacks of the Information age is the attendant laziness that comes with the white and blue collar jobs it has to offer. The ability to negotiate real products in real time with real people under real and often harsh economic conditions has become a priced virtue rather than a basic skill. What many unemployed, and even employed folks, seem not to realize is that the game is changing. Employers need more people who can sell, close the sale and increase the bottom-line. Promotion and productivity is no longer measured by the length of hours spent on the job but how valuable your contribution has been in increasing the organization’s competitive advantage.

Let’s face it, everyone is selling something. No matter how big MTN or Unilever is, until a recharge card is sold or a bar of Lux soap is bought, they haven’t achieved their reason for existence. I know you probably have a job (or not) and you’re thinking of how you can get promoted easily or secure that dream job in that juicy company you’ve been eyeing. I have good news for you: take the giant leap into the world of selling.

Dear friend, you’ve got to learn how to sell yourself, as well as products and services. And just like anything else, selling can be learnt. It is a simple combination of art and skill. And statistics have proven that the management of any organization will always be willing to listen to anyone who has ideas to help them make more sales and penetrate new markets.

I know this is not for everyone. But if you are still trying to figure out what to do with your life for the remaining 6 months in this year, then consider selling. Look for a product you can easily convince yourself to buy – either tangible or intangible. Then read and find about it. (Trust me there’s no substitute to knowledge acquisition). And coupled with the inspiration and leading of the Spirit, you can take the step of faith by approaching that organisation or individual who has that product or service you’ll like to help him sell or improve sales.

You might be broke today, but you don’t have to remain broke for the rest of the year. You might need money to buy your next recharge card, but you sure don’t need money to get into the world of selling. Get started today and you’ll be glad you did. “Be content to act and leave the talking to others”.

By Sam Adel’


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